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We chose the BASICS certification to attain the following objectives:
– In order to ensure that the Supply Chain team would have a common understanding of what Supply Chain Management and its goals are.
–To allow actors not directly involved with supply chain management to have access to a common knowledge base thereby ensuring a better dialogue with their SC colleagues.
MGCM’s teaching method allows for progressive acquisition and mastery of SCM knowledge. The retention of knowledge becomes a long-term acquisition.
Merck’s largest French site (approximately 1000 people) has over 75 people with the BASICS certification (and some have gone on to acquire the CPIM and CSCP designations). A huge success !

Herve CASSIS, Head of Supply Chain Lab SolutionsMerck Millipore

The Supply Chain department at Mars PF France implemented a strategic development of its employees starting in 2010.

The aim was to put in place a programme to professionalize the department with special emphasis on skill and competency development and management in order for the supply chain to grow in maturity.

The programme of the BASICS certification allowed SC employees to acquire an international culture in SC best practises. We started this learning process in 2010, then in 2011 we launched an in-house training course. Our results improved and we noticed far better communication amongst employees. In fact, the course contributed to creating a real dynamic force within the SC team.

Nathalie MORANDIERE, Lean Supply Chain ManagerMars Food France

For me it seemed obvious that the next step in my training journey after the BASICS certification had to be the CSCP certification. I was looking for a course that would stress the strategic dimension of supply chain management whilst covering the different aspects from supplier relationship to customer relationship management. To my great joy and satisfaction, the CSCP programme corresponded fully to my needs. The insistence on covering continuous improvement completed the approach and compelled me to examine and master the different tools. Thank you indeed MGCM.

Michel VILLAIN, CSCP, CGBL, CBBL, Site ManagerSodexo

The   CSCP certification is a definite proof of a professional’s mastery of the Supply Chain knowledge and tools. The SC manager then can go on to conceive, elaborate upon and deploy a supply chain strategy which will be efficient and have long lasting results.

Véronique ADENIS, CSCP, CGBL, CBBL, Associate Director, Demand PlanningJ&J Santé Beauté France

For ten years before joining the University as a lecturer, I worked as a technical director in an automotive company. It was obvious to me that students in institutions of higher learning need to have a course aligned with the needs of industrial companies. I have no doubt whatsoever that the BASICS certifications and professional certifications as a whole contribute hugely to the employability of new graduate engineers. An enormous order winner on their CVs. In our University, we have integrated the BASICS module in several programmes. It is now recognised by the Education Ministry as part of the degree programmes. More than 1200 students have taken the BASICS exam since its introduction.

Michel MOREL, CPIM, CSCP, Master Instructor APICS, ProfessorEcole Nationale d'Ingénieur de Metz (ENIM)



MGCM confirms the starting up of our pilot CS&OP class

It gives us great pleasure to announce the start up of our pilot CS&OP (Certified Sales & Operations Planning) class on October 24 and 25 2013.


CBT (Computer Based Testing) roll out by APICS

From 2014 onwards, APICS exams through paper and pencil testing will cease to exist and all exams will be run through computer based testing.

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