Témoignage de Philippe Guerout sur APICS SUMMIT 2018

APICS SUMMIT 2018 take place with full of exciting APICS conferences. Read more about the feedback of Philippe Guerout.

Conclusions of Apics Summit 2018

Participating to the APICS International Conferences is always a good opportunity to learn and exchange on our supply chain business.

It was full of good practices and this year was special for me – “I went out of my comfort zone”; I was a Speaker (first time in an international conference in APICS).

As usual, the exchanges with Professionals of Supply Chain, Consultants, APICS Instructors, and trainers in different APICS Chapters bring a lot of value added to this Summit.

We come back with many best practices and with some confirmations about our knowledge.

APICS Conferences

A focus was made on new technologies, utilization of Big Data, the arrival of the COBOTS, the “IOT” and the “Block-Chain” are in the air,

The technology is going faster than the business needs; this will generate new ideas (especially with the “Block-chain” and “Big Data” concepts & the way to exchange the data.

Some recommendations/risks were given (Difficulties to find technical expertise, difficulties with the experts to explain the Algorithms and miss of understanding/skill on the supply chain from these experts. Team approach with Supply Chain Experts, Technology Experts and methodologies will be mandatory (work as a team).

Risk management is still an important topic, USA and our supply Chain are very concerned with the storm and other type of risk Trade, revolution or even Brexit, and it was interesting to see how we can avoid supplier failures.

Sales & operation Plan S&OP is still one of the main subject and was in many proposed conferences, especially on the case study, challenges and next level of SO&P.

Soft Skills is still part also of the evolution of Supply chain manager to supply chain leaders (Leadership, Team work, listen & understand the As-Is)

The transverse relationship and Silos identification and eradication.

Lean and continuous improvement conferences were always an interesting subject in APICS summits, and we continue to have good example on the basics, good example of Kaizen events and VSM and this year a nice presentation of Business Process Reengineering

All three are completely on line with what we are doing in Safran E&P.

2 general sessions, with the participation of two well-known speakers Marc Randolf (NETFIX) and Connie PODESTA

A specific session was proposed for the Women in Supply Chain (I did not go)

See below the list of the conferences I followed.

Each subject has its own presentation; feel free to ask me for a copy. They will be post in the Safran+ SE&P RCE (SharePoint)

APICS conferences  with Philippe Guerout in the APICS SUMMIT 2018

List of the Conferences I have followed

· Building the next generation Innovative High-tech Supply Chain

· The sustainable Supply Chain: Leveraging Digitalization and sustainability to build a more competitive Supply Chain

· Accelerate Improvement with Kaizen events

· Supply Chain 2.0

· Journey to Balance Scorecards

· Case study: Line Side material replenishment Planning – Lean Manufacturing consideration

· Digital Industrial Transformation – How GE Enhance Operations with cutting edge Technologies

· VUCA: Don’t fight it – LITE it

· Using Business Process Reengineering (BPR) to drive Continuous Improvement

· Navigating the Unpredictable: Brexit, Hurricanes and tariffs …Oh My!

· Three key steps to ensuring Quality at outsourced Suppliers

· Enhance your presence on Linkedin

Announcing the Association for Supply Chain Management (ASCM)

At APICS 2018, the global supply chain conference by the leading trade association in end-to-end supply chain, the CEO of APICS announced the new Association for Supply Chain Management (ASCM). APICS has been leading this field for 60 years focused on end-to-end supply chain management, and now it is time to take it to the next level as supply chain drives success across the globe. Listen to the video (click on the logo link below and you’ll gain access to the video…scroll down a bit if it doesn’t pop up):

APICS is not going away. ASCM will continue to provide industry-leading APICS certifications for professionals in the supply chain, and it will be supplemented with an additional focus on corporate transformations and making an impact.

The great news is this aligns well with our vision to provide value for manufacturers and logistics organizations and professionals.

Next year ASCM (APICS) conferences will be mid of September

Thank you Philippe.